Gifts for Teachers

Looking for Inspirational Teacher Gifts?

Are you looking for an inspirational teacher gift for teacher appreciation week? We have inspirational gifts for school teachers, music teachers, coaches, tutors, and principals. View our collection of mugs and other drinkware gifts made just for teachers. We also have custom notebook sets for teachers. Our Great Teacher notebook set contains three different notebooks, each with a unique cover. Keychains and gift pens also make fun little additions to go along with your teacher’s gift. Shop our inspirational teacher’s gifts today.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas

Teacher appreciation gift baskets are great gift ideas, whether it is from an individual or a group such as the class or the PTA. Whether the gift basket caps the end of teacher appreciation week, or is given on a special teacher appreciation day, your teacher will enjoy a thoughtful collection of teacher gifts. Fill our Teaching Is a Work of the Heart tote bag with matching gifts from the collection, including a glass water bottle, pen set, and coffee mug. The Great Teacher collection reminds us that the influence of a great teacher can never be erased. It includes a glass water bottle, keychain, coffee mug, and set of notebooks. Ask each student to write a personal note on how the teacher has inspired them, and include it with the gift. Browse our other fun-filled, thoughtful teacher gifts today.

End Year Teacher Appreciation Gifts

The school year is coming to a close and summer is on the horizon. Shop our end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gifts. Need some ideas? Our teacher-themed tote bags make great gifts for the end of the year. Your teacher can use her tote to carry a book and towel to the pool or beach. Our Teach Inspire Motivate plastic tumbler water bottles make nice gifts that will not only last through summer, but also for years to come. Also, be sure to browse our Teaching is a Work of the Heart collection or create a handmade card thanking a teacher for their inspiration. Include Inspirational Lunch Box Notes, with 101 tear-off inspiring notes for teachers who want to leave future students an encouraging message!