Throw Pillows

How to Gift Wrap Pillows

Trying to wrap your head around gift wrapping pillows? Here are some simple and clever gift ideas for how to gift wrap pillows:

  • If you are looking to hit the easy button, this idea is for you. Buy an extra-large gift bag and place the pillow inside. Next, grab 3 -5 pieces of tissue paper. Put your closed fist softly in the middle of each sheet and gently press formed tissue paper in the bag. Fluff out the tissue to cover the pillow.
  • Want to kick it up a notch? Purchase a yard of fabric from your local craft store. For wedding gifts, tulle is perfect. For a more rustic look, burlap is a nice fabric choice. Depending on the pillow size, you can determine whether you need a half a yard for a full yard by placing the pillow in the center of the fabric. Take two ends of the cloth that are across or diagonal from each other and knot them tightly over the pillow. Repeat with the remaining ends. The pillow should now be enclosed securely inside the fabric.
  • The simplest option of all is to get a big coordinating ribbon and tie it around the pillow. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Decorating Beds with Pillows

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to accessorize your home and bedroom décor. We have some easy tips for decorating beds with pillows:

  • Classic Style- Start with the standard size upright sheet pillows in back. Next layer two shams, which match the bedspread or duvet. Now add a pop of color and style with one to three decorative throw pillows to complete the look.
  • Contemporary Style- In back, stack sheet pillows on top of each other, two on each side. Next place two Euro Shams with a contrasting color or pattern to sheet pillows. Use two decorative pillows in front to tie the pillow ensemble together.
  • Even Steven- Start with two sheet pillows upright against the headboard. Use two standard upright shams in the middle row and finish with two upright decorative throw pillows out front, giving each a partner.
  • Asymmetrical-The more pillows the better, in all shapes and sizes with this playful style of decorating beds with pillows. Start in back with two Euro shams— standing up nice and tall. Next, layer upright sheet pillows, and finish with a layer of textured throw pillows in patterns and solids.

Decorating Sofas with Pillows

  • Uniform: For a uniform look, a set of 4 square pillows, which are all the same size, is recommended. 
  • Largest to Smallest: Select three pillows for each corner of the sofa. The largest pillow should be resting in the corner, the next size down is the next layer and the smallest pillow is in the front.   You can use a solid color for the largest pillow, a pattern for the middle size, and for the smallest pillow, some embroidery, artwork or a message is a nice touch. We’ve got you covered there!
  • Casual: Select an odd number of pillows in a mix match of shapes and sizes for a bohemian, funky look.

Throw Pillow Sets

Looking to add a little pizazz to your living room without a total redo? Adding a set of throw pillows is an inexpensive and smart way to update the look of your living room without spending time and money repainting the walls, recovering the furniture, or buying new furniture. Update your look each season with a different throw pillow set for a fraction of the cost it takes to redecorate the entire room. Many of our themed pillows come in various sizes and complementary colors to add depth and interest to your décor. Shop our inspirational and unique throw pillow sets today.

Embroidered Pillows

Make a statement in any room with an intricately embroidered pillow. In a variety of hues from neutral to bright, with inspiring sentiments, eye-catching patterns and enhancing edges, each embroidered pillow in our collection is a stylish work of art. Take boring and bland to stylish and personalized with an accent embroidered pillow or pair with a set of solid pillows for a finished look on your living room sofa. Set an embroidered pillow in an armchair in a guest room for an element of style or on a front porch rocking chair for those lazy summer days.

Decorating Kitchens with Pillows

Pull up a chair, have a seat, and stay awhile. Adding a soft touch to the hardscapes of a kitchen provides a touch of warmth to any kitchen decor. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we believe that’s true. Whether your kitchen is small or spacious, it’s an inexplicable phenomenon at every house party—everyone ends up in the kitchen! So, add a soft touch of color with an inspirational pillow placed on an island stool or a banquette bench, and keep all that gather inspired and comfortable. Shop our collection of accent pillows and other kitchenware for yourself or as an unexpected hostess gift for a friend.

Baby Nursery Pillows

Shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend or loved one? We have some sweet and inspirational gift pillows, which are perfect for a baby’s nursery. Use a pillow as a decorative accent on a glider or rocking chair and prop baby’s head up while feeding, or place atop a storage bench for a pop of color. Pair a baby nursery pillow with a piece of baby wall decor for a unique baby gift, boy or girl. Shop our inspirational pillows for your own baby’s nursery or your next baby shower.

Wedding Gift Pillows

Looking for gift ideas for the bride and groom? Wedding gift pillows are a creative gift idea for an engagement party, wedding shower, or wedding gift. The couple can display throw pillows on the living room sofa, on a bench on the back porch, or as decorative accents for their bedroom. Not only are these pillows stylish, but they are also made of quality fabric, with interesting embellishments. Browse our wedding gift pillows or other unique wedding gifts for the bride and groom and help them celebrate a new life together.

Gift Pillows

Need a birthday gift, engagement gift, or a present for a baby shower? Browse our collection of inspirational throw pillows for the bedroom, nursery, kitchen or living room. Give a gift both cute and comfy—where one size fits all. A single, beautiful embroidered pillow looks lovely on a living room sofa, and a set of inspirational pillows will brighten up a guest room or master bedroom. Throw pillows have many uses from decorative textiles, to building blocks for a play fort, to a friendly pillow fight. Next time you are shopping for a gift, consider giving one of our inspirational gift pillows.